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SAI Coloring tutorial by Pride-kun SAI Coloring tutorial :iconpride-kun:Pride-kun 80 31
Levi x reader: Locked in the closet
“Ugh… where…am I?”
Levi woke up with a groan as he held his throbbing head. He scanned around his surroundings only to find that he is in a dark and small space.
“A closet? Why am I here?”
As he tries to remember what has happened, he heard another groan beside him. He swiftly turned around only to discover a naked _____ lying beside him……wait. A NAKED _____????? He scooted back as far as he could and watched as the young (colour) haired female slowly woke up.
“Mmm……ohhhh my head….”
_____ woke up holding onto her head like levi did a few second ago and looked around like he did. She saw Levi sitting against what seem like the door of the closet with a small blush and is staring at her.
“Levi? Why are you here and why are you staring at me…?”
With an even deeper blush from being caught staring, Levi only looked away and pointed at her body. _____ looked down and stared at her naked bo
:iconviinasuneko:viinasuneko 312 66
Super Smash Bros x Attack on Titan Opening 2
I FINISHED IT!!!!! :iconfinallyplz:

I can't believe I'm done...after 6 months of working (Could've been 4 or 5 if school wasn't in the way all the time...T__T) I'm done...:faint:
My initial deadline was by the end of April, but....I finished a lot earlier than that. I FEEL INVINCIBLE NOW!!!! :mwahaha:
If you're gonna comment, it would be nice if you were to comment on the actual YouTube page. But if you can't because of reasons, then it's okay....I guess....
Feel free to share on Tumblr or other websites as long as you link back to the original video page.
Please do not reupload as your own. I w
:iconamazingartistyellow:AmazingArtistYellow 3,496 923
Official? by Malaysia-kun Official? :iconmalaysia-kun:Malaysia-kun 83 139 so close yet so far.... by Malaysia-kun so close yet so far.... :iconmalaysia-kun:Malaysia-kun 23 31 Q10. Huggle by Indonesia-tan Q10. Huggle :iconindonesia-tan:Indonesia-tan 24 29 SNK -- Tsun Heichou by aphin123 SNK -- Tsun Heichou :iconaphin123:aphin123 363 54
RQ: Rivaille x Reader: Seduce me in French
"Corporal knows French?"
You stared at Connie incredulously, you jaw slightly agape. 
Connie, satisfied with your response, leaned back in his chair, crossing his arms behind his head. A shit-eating grin spread across his face, and he responded with a haughty tone: "Eyup. I heard him the other day, he was cursing in french at something that had gotten on his boot."
Beside you, Reiner chuckled, the sound deep and low and reverberating up your spine. "Yeah right, Connie, you little weasel. How do we know you aren't lying?"
Connie sat forward, his face enraged. "I'm not lying!" he exclaimed. "It's true!!"
Jean looked less than convinced. "Really, Connie? I don't beleive you."
"Well..." A small voice interjected. Your gaze turned towards Armin, who's brow was scrunched in thought. "It does make sense. I'm pretty sure Corporal has french heritage."
Eren nodded. "Isn't Rivaille a french name?" 
Jean glared at the brunette. "Nobody asked you, Jeager." He muttered under his breath.
:iconzephyros22:Zephyros22 3,301 758
Get Some Sleep,You Little Shit (Rivaille x Reader)
The gigantic hand wrapped itself around me. Constricting. Suffocating. These fleshy walls crushed my ribcage as if it were just a mere twig. The smile on this titan’s face was wretched. Disgusting like all the others that I’ve seen and killed. Yet this time, I was the prey. This smile that I oh-so despised. This smile that I’ve seen countless times before. This smile that my dead comrades have been graced with before their fall. I wanted to wipe it off with these blades in my hands. Resistance to this monster was futile, however, as its mouth opened wide to reveal the dark abyss that signaled my death.
Despite all of the brave words that I’ve previously mentioned, I screamed. The brave soldier in me was reduced to a weak coward.

I woke up in darkness, save for the one candle that illuminated my tiny room. Drenched in a thin layer of sweat, I gasped for breath. There it was again, that horrid nightmare. For the third day in a row that vision haunted me, s
:iconninjinjan:NinJinJan 612 44





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